The gaming laptops market is recently rising very fast. gamers are switching to PC consoles as a better alternative compared to PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo machines especially when it comes to war games like PubG, Fortnite, Call of Duty and more.

When it comes to purchasing a gaming laptop it sounds a bit tricky as the market offers many options that you might get lost when it comes to the final decision. here are some important tips on how to choose a gaming laptop:

List Down Your Games

The gaming laptop you are about to purchase is the one that needs to run your favorite games smoothly, for this reason, you first need to know what games you are planning to use the laptop for or the ones you might think of playing them in the future. (Of course, the laptop’s ability should not be limited to the games you will mainly play).

Grab The Specs

Now you have a list of your “to play” games, the next step is to find the recommended specs to play your games (heavy games can have similar recommended laptop specs) combine all and list down the maximum specs between your hands.

Know Your Budget

The good news is that gaming laptops manufacturers are competing on bringing up the best gaming laptops that a gamer would ever dream about with all ultimate specifications and quality. The bad news is that these laptops are not cheap and you have your own budget. Although I recommend that you always think of the long term investment, you might sometimes need to stick to the budget. Try to maximize your budget at the same time search within your budget. this will help you when searching the online stores to minimize the available search results.

Compare Offers

After you searched, contacted supplier, or visited computer stores, you need to come up with at least four laptops that match your recommended specs and your budget at the same time. Create a checklist with the below criteria that will allow you to choose the winning laptop wisely by adding a score from 1 to 10 for each laptop under each criterias:

1- Laptop Specifications.

2- Ability to upgrade

3- display

4- size.

5- extra facilities (gaming keys, lights, design, weight)

6- sound system.

7- price

It’s not wrong to always add your own criteria to the above list, now all you need to sum each laptop’s score, this laptop with the highest score will be your winner. in the coming days, I will be talking specifically about each of these criteria and at some point, I will list my 5 favorite laptops so keep checking this website for updates and don’t forget to contact me if you need help in choosing your best gaming laptop.

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